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this .. place.. was like.. warmish during the day.. like.. 50-60 degrees.. an at night.. it was ungodly cold... really really damn sunny.. and i was in this.. city.. but almost everything was deserted.. i walked from.. an aunts house? a hugeeee mansion type place.. most of it was deserted above ground ungodly fancy stuff that was kindas.. falling apart/colored glass/arches an stuff.. the above ground part.. reminded me of.. fancy places on the red planet (that i didnt know i remembered) i had wings in the dream.. an my coat went over them.. like i had sorta sleeves for em o.o;but uhh ya.. this dream i walked out of the city to a deserted farm.. an looked around some.. an made my way fairly lost back into the city.. peeked in a church that was the same kinda.. overkill fancy gothic stuff.. and there was like.. a built room in it.. with people in these.. white heater things.. that plugged in.. some kids were trying to freak me out.. an alot of people were looking on the lower broken windows like.. eyes looking in .. it was kinda freaky.. but aparently the church was run by some secret group.. and i as forcefully removed from the building while i waswalking through a hall... lot of dingy grayness.. like.. smokestained everything.. kinda like old parts of pittsburgh.. only there was hardly anyone above groun... when i was walking under a bridge going in the general direction of the house i knew was over in the direction i was going it started getting really cold an windy.. figured out thats why noone was around anywhere.. i asked someomne if this place was once detroit.. and was very ignored.. but i felt.. very at home there? strange deserted city.. strange house that took up about half a mile.. like it was some kind of black rock that was comming up around the neighborhood... and the church that matched in the middle of the city.. a lot of the windows up top away from the main part of the house were broken... and archways an stuff were broken .. it was ungodly pretty o.o;.. but eventualy i made my way back to my aunts.. followed the unused part of the house across the neighborhood till i found where it was still used an the windows were lit up and colorful in all the black everything else.. i should draw it.. o.o;
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