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.Nothing.King. [E's]: :i think v just dosnt like my man-boob avs
VMind: :mine's a lot harder to pronounce because it has a letter that's not in the english alphabet lol
VMind: you're just saying that so i can say "oh yes i do" ;p
.Nothing.King. [E's]: :dang.
VMind: i was talking about them for so long yesterday lol
*Dana: I hope you feel better hun
.Nothing.King. [E's]: you -know- they are sexy flat mnboobs
VMind: they're nice, but they could be a little bigger
VMind: perky is nicer

im nothing king


k so.. i slept like hell took 3 sleeping pills an still woke up 5 times, that girl is in my dreams more prominantly
i get up, plug in the phone, it rings, i answer an its my mom... i explain to her ids an niagra falls is a no-go cos were poor as hell and im sick.. i hung up went upstairs and the phone rings again, its richard wanting to talk at me cos hes afraid some stuff had happened.. an he had to call caroline back in a half hour.. so we talked a lil bs'd a lil an he got off the phone with me to call her.. i sat here awhile going "ugh i still feel like shit" he calls back to tell me his card is nearly dead and his worries were right.. talked to him a few minutes an felt bad.. an he had to go, he logged on from the library for a half hour, i got to see him in palace an such. i restocked my poor daoc merchant talked to sis a bit, an was wanting to take a nap.. kev was takeing up the whole bed cos he just ent to bed an hour after we -got up- .. but ya, anyway i cleared off the top bunk an slept there for an hour or so.. kev woke up saw me sleeping on the top bunk an went downstairs to play ff7.. i got up an claimed the bed again till eric got home.. didnt even really sleep then either.. i listened to the music/could hear it.. an i cant remember my dreams at all really

easily amused, once again by memegen
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kev is like a lil kid on sat-morning .. hes sitting/loungeing/laying on the floor watching wrestling an guys beating the shit out of eachother.. going omg!.. soso cute, both boys revert to 8 years old when this is on :pp

<td bgcolor="#000000">Your Name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Astrological Sign</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Angel Type</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Archangel</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Wing Color</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Red</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Heavenly Weapon</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Two short swords</td></tr>
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too bad my wings are -gray- rawer.. o.o;

for all the moodyness ive been through the last.. couple days.. couple weeks, months, year.. im in a good mood.. an ungodly optimistic.. -thankyou hyperbitchboy ai!-

*bounces off an continues to demand ham for uberasfuck splitpeasoup*

-edit sence it didnt post
richard called
a window almost fell on me, shattered

lil moody stuff but its nbot bad

woot off to store sooon

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ha, pics of -me-!

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ai's bf to the rescue!

soap opra version 50 million
okay. soap opra is over with to an extent now i think, ill prolly stay distant. but thats my defences for now... we have a bit of a spirit problem is how were treating this right now.. hopefully, we can figure this out.. im not mad now, i figure its already happened.. and nothing i can do really. just be slightly guarded, and go through this.. and think before i react

more kevian soap opra
im.. so pissed i cant type without makeing a huge effort.
kev .. in short is as bad as beth and james were to me.
"everythings fine but ill talk about you behind your back and cheat on you" type bs

i dont know how i didnt go over an hit him when i read erics last post..
i dunno whats going to happen in the next months
im not sure im careing really.. i have eric.. i have my friends

i dont like how this is turning out.. but.. in general its not affecting me as bad a i thought.. im upset.. im more upset aout being lied to cheated on and airing of my dirty laundry like its anyones busness. i didnt want anyone to know that shit, even if it was only a couple people.. what sucks more is that he didnt understand why i complained about what i did that he said in the [post.. like i automaticaly need to be okay with things cos hes a bf? i think not.. not when he hardly ever talked to me at all

poor eric.. needing to comfort both of us and deal with everything too..

supose ill have a lot to talk about with richard tonight.

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okay, actual update..
today i wake up from shitty dreams.. a lil to eric getting up, wanted to get up to stop the dreams.. but it didnt happen, fell back asleep an was hopeing to not get snuggled cos of my dream, erics snuggles are the oly ones that really comfort me.. prolly cos hes whose been there for me fotr the past 3 years.. but ya, supose the shitty dreams didnt help much with that.. got up sighed that richard wont be on considered calling him.. didnt cos i was a dork an was thinking too much an was being self concous.. as if wed not know what to talk about, we dont run out of things to talk about on the puter why would the phone be that much different with him (turns out nothing to worry about).. but ya i didnt think that at the time.
went in palace an helped clear up some things with caroline.. made her feel better talked to her in general a bit
i made some ytummy food after we desided that wed go play in the creek by the graveyard .. made the food an was convinced to call richard finaly, tried an aparently my dialing finger is stupid cos i got a wrong number.. tried a few more times an got busey signal.. so we desided to go and play in the creek.. me an eric played in the creek creating a waterfall (eesh arnt we such kids sometimes?) it was fun, kev bearly put his toes in the water, just watched us..
we came home an i finaly got through to richard after a couple tries.. we talked for like 2.5 hours? =x it was uber though.. and no dead air or anything.. at the end after i gave him our address an we were about to get off the phone eric came storming down upset.. i asked whats wrong an he just pointed to the celing.. pissed enough he was gritting his teeth.. my only responce was ya, i figured it was him....aparently kev was cybering with somt guy hes been claiming is nothing.. ya, right.. -with eric in the fucking room- i mean.. hello.. your suposed to not do that shit.. i mean really.. .. -rant on about the guy he was cybering- aparently he just met this guy a few weeks ago.. "oh we were together in this story this person wrote" ya whatever so what? arnt they just special.. i wouldve been like thats nice, go away i have 2 bfs... but kev is a nice guy an talked to this guy.. that shortly after was like i love you ... all cos of this story? or something.. hell my facts are prolly all fucked over .. but it dosnt change much about anything at all.. ive glimpsed kev being overly snuggly with people on the puter this past week or so... i try not to look over but ya.. anything with *'s in it.. and blushes.. generaly isnt behaveing too well, that trying to be cute *blushes* bs dosnt work to get you out of trouble either. .. okay.. i wouldnt care if he was just snuggly with people, flirty even.. but its comming off as flat out slutty, claiming its roleplaying or not.. yes, im pissed.. i dont feel much emotion from him at all, its makeing everything feel like its not worth even trying at all.. oh you got squirted with water.. *blank look* .. something .. would be a good reaction, anything at all.. just .. no responce is annoying.. hell laughing at me for getting so pissed off over water wouldve been okay.. at least itd be a reaction, im sure i looked stupid standing in the road dripping water off my hair.. *vent* hes a smart kid, he can think for himself there somewhere im sure.. and when he does think, an you can see hes thinking you ask him what hes thinking about an hes like "nothing" when you know he is.. i dunno if hes not wanting to upset me/eric, or ashamed of what hes thinking or feeling .. but hes thinking/feeling it anyway theres no changeing it.. itd be nice to be let in that shell there.. ya so.. now im feeling like an asshole for being so distant with him.. but well... after all this im not going to try not to be distant.. i see no reason to try to be close with him.. -/bitchrantgripevent off-

posting this rant against my general .. "shouldnt air dirty laundry" policy.. but ugh. neeeded to vent .. it is/was driveing me nuts.

*back to ff9* im tired of emotional rollercoasters..


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