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omfg, this was fun.
Taikou Kato: must draw bob the elf
Kaydreein: lol 0.0;
Kaydreein: okie
Taikou Kato: he will be a fastfood worker.
Taikou Kato: pogue mahone: no elves named joe, i see
.Nothing.King. [E's]: :but usualy over 18 an they know better than to use some overused ungeneric name
pogue mahone: "hi, i'm Jake, i'll be your elf this evening"
.Nothing.King. [E's]: rofl
.Nothing.King. [E's]: :i should draw jake the elf
neuget: bob
pogue mahone: the emernancy exits are to the side and back
.Nothing.King. [E's]: :baseball hat, t-shirt jeans, old sneakers..
pogue mahone: if you should feel loss or pressure, this oxygen mask will fall from teh compartment above you
.Nothing.King. [E's]: "would you like fries with that?"
pogue mahone: yeh
pogue mahone: i see no Fry elves
pogue mahone: fryelf.com

Kaydreein: lolol
Taikou Kato: were off on a tangent about the goofballs that say theyre elvs.. an the intresting fact that none seem to use normal english, they all have fancy names an they all are like.. saveing the world
Kaydreein: lolol 0.0;
Taikou Kato: neuget: fly elf saves the world
neuget: deems himself important, read more

Taikou Kato: were haveing far too much fun with this
Kaydreein: 0.0; lol
Taikou Kato: pogue mahone: we're being renaisance people
EL Dorko: that works
pogue mahone: i'm alonzo the elder, the greatest most important person in the world
pogue mahone: or...Jake the Elf, when i'm at home with my feet up
.Nothing.King. [E's]: rofl

Kaydreein: lol 0.0;
Taikou Kato: .Nothing.King. [E's]: rofl
pogue mahone: no no, Fryelf,
pogue mahone: a guy with tht macdonalds paper hat on
.Nothing.King. [E's]: :lol
.Nothing.King. [E's]: ohgod. i so need to draw this
pogue mahone: wiht onf of those headsets
pogue mahone: "you want magik with that?"
.Nothing.King. [E's]: :fancy elven decor mc-donalds?
EL Dorko: haha
pogue mahone: 33 years old, livein wtuih his ma
pogue mahone: no quests, no dragons
pogue mahone: sitting in his elven underwar
pogue mahone: do they have tails?
.Nothing.King. [E's]: elvs dont generaly
pogue mahone: oh

Taikou Kato: *falls over*
Taikou Kato: pogue mahone: elvenunderwear.com
pogue mahone: why, EVeryone on these elven pages are special
.Nothing.King. [E's]: oh of course
pogue mahone: they don't do their own laundyr, but no one will admit being the laundress
.Nothing.King. [E's]: no garbage collectors
.Nothing.King. [E's]: they use majik y0h

Taikou Kato: i told him to look up otherkin lol an hes finding all these, roleplay tainted pages lol
Taikou Kato: so were nakeing fun of them?
Kaydreein: hehe
Taikou Kato: that hteres no office-boy elvs or anything
Taikou Kato: neuget: it gets the whites whiter and the brights brighter
.Nothing.King. [E's]: and keeps the blacks black too!
neuget: doesn't fade
.Nothing.King. [E's]: no fadeing an trying to match the tints of gray for elvs
pogue mahone: yes
pogue mahone: always perfectly attired in itchey tights
.Nothing.King. [E's]: an they wouldnt be caught dead in anything less than silk
.Nothing.King. [E's]: no sweats for them
.Nothing.King. [E's]: play in the snow in their tights
.Nothing.King. [E's]: no rough playing either, theyl chip a nail..
.Nothing.King. [E's]: or *gasp* sweat
neuget: they're beyond persperation
pogue mahone: playing isn't heroic enough
pogue mahone: they must confront troll

Kaydreein: LOL
Taikou Kato: pogue mahone: no one talks aobut, "yaknow, when i was in fairyland, this, guy, (he smelled like fish) tired to corner me for a fiver"
.Nothing.King. [E's]: lol

Kaydreein: lolol 0.0;
Taikou Kato: pogue mahone: the majikal frycook must tend to his elvish duties...of cleaning the lard vats
Taikou Kato: rofl
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